Introduce the living environment, medical facilities, retirement life and investment situation in Malaysia.

The MM2H program is a program for families or individual applicants who can live in Malaysia for ten years or longer.

Applicants can take the spouse with the child and a servant and parents over the age of 60 to participate in the program. The applicant’s child can attend the local Chinese school in Malaysia.

Public schools or international schools, etc. For more information about Malaysia’s second home project, local environment, people’s livelihood facilities and investment projects, we have prepared experts for you to answer the above questions.

What are the benefits of joining a second home?

1. Family relocation: One person applies, and the whole family enjoys 10 years of residency and can renew;
2. The status of the two countries: the Chinese nationality can be retained to enjoy the dual status advantage;
3. Quality Education: Elite Education in the Commonwealth, easy access to Singapore and European and American universities, easy to accompany
4. Quality medical care: The government promotes medical tourism services without language barriers and costs more than 75% of the European and American provinces;
5. Free travel: Free entry and exit to Malaysia, more than 150 countries can be quickly signed.

Registration hotline:

Phone: +(852)2157 3733
Phone / Whatsapp : +(852) 5223 3863 /
The seminar is free and the number of places is limited. Please register in advance.

The seminar is free and the number of places is limited. Please register in advance.

Event Location:

Causeway Bay Exhibition Hall
11 East Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
The sharp 7th floor full floor
(near Times Square)

When attending the lecture, give a small gift (limited quantity, while stock lasts)
Number of places: 30 per game (limited seating, there is a refreshment service)
Q&A time and 1-on-1 consulting services are also available after the event.